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About the client

The BUTA-Nugentways Group

BUTA Ltd. and its wholly owned subsidiary Nugentways Ltd., were incorporated in 1976 for the purpose of acquiring and managing a portfolio of several hundred properties in the Belsize Park area of London. The acquisition was made form the Church Commissioners of England.

The Challenge

When the Group approached Atatiki, they had already been using FileMaker for over 20 years as the basis of a custom built property management programme. This platform had grown and developed over time; but what had not been reviewed for several years was the underlying structure of the platform. Having identified the need for a redesign of the system’s infrastructure and the updating to include the latest FM features, the Group engaged Atataki UK to undertake this work and to re-define their solution.

The Path to Success

BUTA, most importantly, wanted to further develop and integrate their existing property administration and accounting systems.

Atatiki UK began the project with a series of workshops designed to fully understand the Group’s structure and requirements. Once the scope of work and technical specifications had been identified and agreed, Atatiki began to develop new solutions using the FileMaker platform. One of the most critical requirements of the project was ensuring that all historical data remained available and synchronised during the development of and within the new solutions.

For the first phase of the project, Atatiki delivered a host of additional features to the desktop property administration system, as well as solutions to the accounts integration challenge.

In the second phase of the project, Atatiki delivered an Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosted solution that was faster, easier to use and had more functionality than BUTA’s previous method and an iOS version of the platform to support BUTA staff with their processes whilst out of the office and on site.

The Outcome

Since Atatiki rolled out the new solution, BUTA have been able to report back the following benefits:      

  • The processes for annual budgeting, service charge demand creation and cost allocation and certification, which previously took weeks to complete, can now be finalised much faster and more accurately;
  • The property administration system is more fully featured and functional;
  • Since the updated solution was implemented, the standing charge payment process  has been improved, with BUTA receiving payments significantly faster;
  • Individual account information is more readily available and overdue accounts are highlighted quickly and easily;
  • The bookkeeping and management accounting processes have been simplified, resulting in improved accuracy and time saving during annual audits.

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