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Bespoke web & mobile apps

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to hear that whilst desktop is still a big player, since 2016, mobile has been the leader with regards to internet usage and there is no stopping this trend. In other words, more people use their mobile phone to access the internet than their desktop or tablet. Not only that, but users also spend nearly as much time online on their mobiles as they do on their desktops, and they view almost as many pages from their mobiles as they do from their desktops. 

Let’s face it, we are all aware of the fact that our mobile phones are with us every day, in every moment of our lives and we all use them for much more than just making a call or sending a message to our loved ones.

The question is: what does that mean for you and your business? It’s an opportunity to serve an untapped market by connecting with your consumers wherever they are, at any given time – whether that’s through brand activity, promotional activity or customer service. 

Of course it’s not only consumers who are always on the move – so are businesses! Mobile apps are extremely useful when it comes to capturing data “on the fly” or delivering business intelligence reports to support time-critical decision making, for example. 

Developing engaging mobile apps

No matter how much the demand for mobile apps is growing: if a mobile app is not designed and developed with the user in mind, then chances are it will flop. To increase your chances of success, it’s important that your mobile app is easy to use; engages the user as much as possible; and loads fast. 

Get these three things right and you will most likely experience the engagement and interactivity that make some of the best mobile apps so successful. We can help you with all these things – and many more, so that your app won’t only look good but will actually be a joy for your users to interact with.

Mobile vs Web apps

With all the talk about mobile apps, at Atatiki we wouldn’t suggest you to develop one just for the sake of it. Often you can achieve similar results through a web app. Whilst mobile apps give you certain benefits such as increased interactivity, stickiness, wider reach through the AppStore, Google Play or Windows Marketplace, they also have downsides, for example users having to download the app before being able to use it. Plus, mobile apps tend to be more expensive and require longer develop times than web apps. 

Helping you get it right

No matter whether you choose to develop a mobile app or a web app, we are here to help you make the right decision and develop a stunning, user-friendly app that will delight your customers, no matter whether they are internal or external to your business. All this within your time constraints and your budget of course.

It goes without saying that your Intellectual Property (IP) Rights remain with you. 

Other benefits of using Atatiki for developing your mobile app or web app: 

  • We provide you and your staff with training on your app if required (although given the intuitiveness of apps this is rarely needed);
  • You will have access to our developers for ongoing support;
  • If you wish, we can host the app for you so you don’t need to run your own hosting infrastructure.

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All our developers are FileMaker Pro Platinum accredited and have an average of 8 years experience creating bespoke software solutions across multiple industries. With their enthusiasm and talent they bring invaluable innovation to make your project a guaranteed success.


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Part of what makes our projects successful is our open and transparent communication. That’s why we provide you with a single point of contact and regular, honest, jargon-free project updates. After all, nobody likes nasty surprises, right?


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With over 30 developers, Atatiki is one of the biggest bespoke software development companies out there. That means we can deliver results to you real fast.


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When you hire Atatiki you can rest assured that you work will be delivered by us and nobody else. By not outsourcing our work, we have much better control over communication and quality over the final product.