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Professional Services

Software isn’t a once-in-a-lifetime setup. Updates and upgrades require regular maintenance of your software package to make sure that it continues to work smoothly alongside other applications. After all, software is often at the heart of business operations and therefore crucial to maintain your productivity levels at a maximum.

That’s why at Atatiki we do more than just develop software. Through training, ongoing support and hosting services we remain on your side throughout the software lifecycle – as you would expect from a trusted partner.

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Software training

Once we have completed the development of a software application, we won’t just deliver it and leave you to it. Most of the software solutions we develop are very intuitive, but should you need it we are happy to train you and your staff on any of our software. Training can be done face-to-face at your premises or remotely – whatever is easier and more convenient for you.  

Ongoing support

Our support to you also continues once training has been completed. As part of our service and commitment to our clients, you can receive ongoing software support from Atatiki. From bug fixing to background system maintenance and account management, we have your back covered through the entire software lifecycle – no matter what. After all, shouldn’t software give you peace of mind?

Software hosting

As many of the software applications we develop are web-based, they can be delivered in the cloud (so-called Software as a Service, or SaaS). As part of our service to you, we offer you the option to host the application for you with Amazon Web Services, meaning that you don’t need to lose any sleep around owning, setting up and maintaining your own servers. See it as approach to software licensing that guarantees you high levels of availability, performance and scalability – without the hassle and commitment required to run your own server network. Should you prefer to host your software application with or through somebody else, we’ll happily talk you through the various options.

“We've been impressed by Atatiki's speed and precision of delivery.
What we were expecting to take several months they managed to do in a couple of weeks.”

When you hire Atatiki, you hire experts

Highly experienced

All our developers are FileMaker Pro Platinum accredited and have an average of 8 years experience creating bespoke software solutions across multiple industries. With their enthusiasm and talent they bring invaluable innovation to make your project a guaranteed success.

We tell you how it is

Part of what makes our projects successful is our open and transparent communication. That’s why we provide you with a single point of contact and regular, honest, jargon-free project updates. After all, nobody likes nasty surprises, right?

Lightning fast

With over 30 developers, Atatiki is one of the biggest bespoke software development companies out there. That means we can deliver results to you real fast.

Made by Atatiki

When you hire Atatiki you can rest assured that you work will be delivered by us and nobody else. By not outsourcing our work, we have much better control over communication and quality over the final product.

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